One of Mars' aims is to source more sustainably produced raw materials, boosting farmers’ incomes and creating mutual benefits for the communities that supply them.

Mars Sustainable Solutions (MSS) is working to deliver restorative and sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the communities that supply our raw ingredients. In addition to sustainable farming methods, Mars is uniquely developing alternative business models that allow families to create new and healthy livelihoods.

MSS currently has two areas of focus in Indonesian communities:

The Cocoa Farmer

Mars Symbioscience sources the cocoa we need for our Cocoapro® cocoa extract products directly from Indonesian cocoa farmers.  Mars has long worked to increase sustainable farming techniques in Indonesia.  As the third largest global source of cocoa, it is the most advanced in adoption of the sustainable farming models.  We have worked hand-in-hand with farmers to pioneer new techniques to increase their productivity and do it in an environmentally-friendly way.  Some of the projects include:

  • Cocoa Distribution Centers
  • Cocoa Village Clinics
  • Vocational School & Training
  • Cocoa Pod Composting Business Model
  • Earthworm Business Model


Marine Sustainability and Aquaculture

The islands of Indonesia rely heavily on fishing both for their own nutrition and as means to earn a living.  There is also a high demand for ornamental fish which are heavily sourced from Indonesian waters.  Mars Sustainable Solutions have helped to replace eco-damaging fishing techniques with sustainable techniques and are developing alternative business models that allow families to create new livelihoods.  Some of the projects underway include:

  • Rehabilitating the coral reef from the damage done by ‘fish bombing’ and ‘cyanide fishing’
  • Seahorse farming as a new business model that sells to the global aquarium trade
  • Abalone farming as a new business model to supply the human consumption demand and to create a sustainable living for the local population 

June 7, 2014
Mars Incorporated Completes One of the World’s Largest Coral Reef Rehabilitations and Launches New Marine Protected Area